Our Story

PROSmart Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and trade in high-quality electric warm technology supplies based enterprises groups.

PROSmart was established in 2010, has a wealth of research experience, excellent geographical production resources, a strong production technology and quality control team, and aim to provide various quality services to domestic and foreign customers.

Our R&D and manufacturing based on safe voltage heating elements technology that develops a series of warm textile products: including electric heated blanket, quilt, shawl, vest, coat, jacket, gloves, socks, underwear, and pads. Those show fashion design, selection of fine material, soft texture and delicate.

The core part of product heating function using innovative carbon fiber warm core technology thermal technology, closer to human and environmental protection and energy saving, high-end obvious advantages. Rigorous design of low-voltage electric heating elements can be implanted in any household, office, outdoor and medical therapy of textile products, to achieve rapid warm, light and comfortable effect, and to meet the requirements of waterproof, foldable.